SiteLock Security for Online Business

Tiny Design Studio recommends that all current website hosting clients contact us to setup Website Security immediately.


Because of a wave of malware attacks, most recently a series of injected code on many sites just this week, Tiny Design Studio would like to install SiteLock’s Premium/SecureSite Service on all hosted websites. With Premium Service, SiteLock finds and removes malware from an entire website, a protective firewall prevents harmful visitors from entering the site, and if manual intervention is needed, SiteLock’s security experts get the website back online (or free from junk) in a hurry.

SiteLock Premium Security Protection


If you sign up directly with, the SecureSite Protection costs $79/month. If Tiny Design Studio installs it for you on the server, the cost for the equivalent (Premium) is $59.99/year – a fraction of the cost. This is not a promotional offer. Tiny Design Studio does not mark up this service to clients in any way.
SiteLock Protection Features

Website security has become a necessity and we encourage you to contact us today to install SiteLock on your domain name(s). Please note that this service will be renewed annually with your regular website hosting fees to ensure uninterrupted protection.

Payment must be made by Credit Card for instant activation. Payment by check will delay the process as SiteLock will only be activated when check is received.


If a client opts out of SiteLock Security, it is inevitable that website attacks will occur, and when they do Tiny Design Studio will have to bill by the hour for the repair of any corruption. It is unfortunate that this is now a necessity, but we hope to prevent actions by securing your site in advance using SiteLock Security.

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