Social engagement is a valuable commodity in today’s world. Content & consistency are key. Editorial calendars and email marketing are tools of the trade. Tiny Design Studio employs the following:

  • Blogs
  • Case Studies
  • Email Campaign Calendars
  • Opt-in Incentives
  • Social Media Calendars
  • Social Media Presence

Social networking sites— such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are ideal for engagement marketing because they provide a way for people to interact with brands and create a two-way dialogue between customers and companies. Most companies maintain a presence on several of these sites. Some of these platforms have also created specific types of online presences for companies.

Email Campaigns— One of the earliest online engagement marketing tools, email marketing requires target audiences to opt-in to directly receive a marketer’s emails. Companies can also encourage individuals to share their messages virally, via the forwarding of emails to colleagues, friends and family. 

Blogs— For engagement marketing purposes, companies can share content on their own blogs and participate as a commenter or content provider on relevant external blogs. Hosting a campaign that gives prizes to the readers of external blogs for their participation in some kind of contest is an example of an engagement marketing campaign aimed at external blogs.